History of a premium gin

The origins of VONES Gin trace back to a pharmacy, a recipe written on a piece of parchment and an innovative ingredient that makes it unique: chestnut. It was not until we went back to an old, abandoned pharmacy that we made a remarkable discovery in an apothecary display case marked by use and the passage of time which was standing against the back wall. Hidden within was a timeworn box containing a parchment whose text began with the words “London Gin Distillation”.

With the master formula in hand, we accompanied the master distiller as he followed in the footsteps of his grandparents. We then headed to the old distillery to concentrate on its exceptional treasure: two magnificent stills.

Authentic London Dry Gin

So began the long, arduous process of studying the distillation techniques of yesteryear and the characteristics each type of botanical confers on the final distillate.

VONES Gin came into being thanks to patience and skill, always with the aim of achieving a gin of the highest quality. We experimented with various citrus fruits, nuts, plants and roots, evaluating the different overtones obtained. Once we had studied all these effects, we decided to create a series of recipes that combine perfectly to obtain what VONES Gin was striving for – to put a really new twist on London Dry Gins.

True to our ideals of tradition, innovation and perfection, we worked to achieve something unique.
Something to distinguish
VONES Gin from the rest.

The crowning touch to a premium gin

 The hallmark of our gin.

Chestnut, the element that sets us apart from all other gins in the world.

After many months of hard work and numerous tests, we managed to surprise gin tasters thanks to this ingredient which gives our gin its special flavor and distinctive characteristics. “The superb quality distillation of this updated London Dry Gin will envelop your senses.” As a tribute to the medicinal origins of the product, in our bottling we emulate the look of old pharmaceutical bottles, while giving them a fresh, modern touch worthy of a high-quality gin.

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